Rail Trail

Phase 1 & 2 now Completed!

Where is it, and where can I park?

You can park at North Elementary School (when school’s not in session) at 19 Sanborn Rd or at the Exit 5 Park & Ride (Long term and overflow parking areas) at 4 Symmes Drive.

How long is it?

The paved completed section is 1.75 miles long one way from North Elementary School to Liberty Drive, and 3.5 miles round trip. Click on map above, (the sections labeled as D and E are the completed sections).

Is it a loop?

No, it follows the old railroad corridor, it is an out and back, straight stretch.

Can I go beyond the paved section?

Yes, with the right gear. “Phase 3” or the “Peat Bog section” as its known, continues east towards Derry and is packed dirt. It is useable with the right walking or light hiking shoes or a hybrid/mountain bike, but know your limitations. You cannot roller blade or road bike this section. Travel farther east beyond phase 3 is not recommended, it is rough terrain and not maintained.

What I can do to help?

Fundraising for Phase 3 is under way! You can:
1. Make a donation online via pay pal or mail in a check, (see donation page for details)
2. if you have an employee matching gift program at your work, utilize that to double your gift.
3. If you have a relationship with any local business or a national business that supports the outdoors or wellness please ask them to support the rail trail

Click on image to view map